We here at The Airship are always looking for 500 to 1,200-word blog posts that capture the essence of great storytelling or explore outstanding examples of it. And yes, we do pay our writers!

Did you visit the private prison of an infamous drug lord? Was someone murdered in your home? Has your life eerily wrapped around that of a now little-known celebrity?

Alternatively: Have you surveyed the grotesque history of book burnings? Are you dying to translate great novels into practical New Year's resolutions? Can you pack tomes of dense philosophy into pithy one-liners?

Great! Now can you write about it in a succinct, entertaining way? If the answer is still yes, well then you're the person we've been looking for! (We're so glad to have found you!)

Send your pitches or complete personal narratives, articles and essays about anything relating to great storytelling (including — but not limited to — literature, books and writers) directly to our editor at Arv@AirshipDaily.com, and we can discuss the subject, length and rates.