By Black Balloon Publishing

Black Balloon Publishing’s Book Swap Party

Free Wine & Snacks! No Cover!

Thursday, February 27

7:30 P.M. at Barboncino

781 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn

As our official resignation from every book club we have gone to only four meetings of, Black Balloon Publishing and The Airship invite you to booze up with us at our first ever Book Swap Party. Put simply, it’s a festive way to share your favorite books with strangers. There will be free admission, free wine, free snacks and lonely books in dire need of swapping — won’t you help them find a good home?

The Rules of Book Swap

1st Rule: You do not talk about Book Swap. (Just kidding, please invite everyone you know.)

2nd Rule: Arrive with one book that you’ve already read and would manically recommend to anyone within earshot. (Don't want to give your beloved copy away? Support your second-hand bookstore by picking up another one!)

3rd Rule: With wine in hand, take a seat across from someone you don’t know. You have one minute to pitch them your book; they have one minute to pitch you their book.

4th Rule: Never tell someone that your book will change their life. Just don’t.

5th Rule: If someone says they’re not interested in your book, step off. Don’t give people shit for not wanting to swap with you.

6th Rule: One swap at a time, fellas.

7th Rule: When the buzzer sounds (at the end of two minutes), switch seats speed-dating style, moving one to your left, and start pitching again.

8th Rule: Keep pitching ‘til you make a swap. Then leave the circle, grab another drink and feel free to start reading!

Want to join the event on Facebook? Just follow the link here.

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