By Michelle King

(Credit: Image from Flickr user Alf Storm; used with Creative Commons license)

You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but there can’t be anything wrong with remembering a book by its cover, right? After all, there are certain covers that have become just as iconic as the texts they hold. Consider the eyes overlooking the skyline on The Great Gatsby, the bold green lettering cast against a sunny sky on Infinite Jest or the glowing lightbulb on Ayn Rand’s Anthem. These are easily identifiable, even with the title and author’s name blacked out.

But what about the not-so-iconic versions of those book covers? We’ve compiled 30 book covers and blacked out the title and author’s name to test your skills. Can you name the book based off clues in the design alone?

Would you make a good book cover detective (a very lucrative and totally legitimate career)? Tell us how you did in the comments below!

Michelle King  grew up in South Florida and now lives in Brooklyn. Her contributions have appeared on BULLETT, Refinery29, xoJane and The Huffington Post. Harriet M. Welsch is still her role model and probably always will be.

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