By Kayla Blatchley

While I’m not so good at being aware of what’s going on in popular culture, somehow I'm still stubborn and adamant in my judgment of popular culture. This becomes horribly evident every year when it comes time for the Academy Awards and I haven’t seen any of the films nominated for anything, yet I insist on filling out the NYTimes Oscar Ballot along with my family and friends.

The only 2012 nominee I saw was Drive (here's me raving about its soundtrack a few months ago), which was only nominated in the category of sound editing. It did not win. My sister-in-law informed me that Glenn Close was in this film Albert Nobbs about a woman dressing as a man in the 1920s, and I proceeded to pick that film as my winner for every category for which it was nominated.

My brother found my ignorance amusing enough to actually record some of it. In his words, "Watching the 'scars with my sister is the most hilarious thing in the world. She is almost criminally ignorant of movies and popular culture in general." What follows is his edited transcript.

"The Descendants, that stupid movie about the beach?"

"The’s fucking silent, it’s not gonna win. Well, at least it’s prestigious."

"The Help... Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz are married?"

On The Iron Lady: "What's that, a movie about the First Lady?"

[Insert unrelated heated exchange between the Blatchley siblings:]

Kayla: "Why does everyone love Sandra Bullock? I mean, why is she even on TV?"

Response: "Well, she won the Academy Award last year."

Kayla: "What?!?! That stupid bitch won an academy award? For WHAT?"

Response: "Blindside."

Kayla: "What?! That movie about a prissy white woman who lets a black kid stay with her won an Academy Award? They don't even have sex!"

My impeccable strategy of seeing as few movies as possible landed me 4 our of a possible 24 on my NYTimes Oscar ballot. My Oscar picks are apparently not Oscar’s picks. But who is the real winner? I somehow suspect it’s me.

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