By Sarah Bennett

Does anyone remember the store Each & Them?

There was a store on Lafayette, right near where La Esquina is today, that used to sell weird deadstock items from the ‘70s and ‘80s. It had a few names during its run; one of the last ones was Each and Them (probably as a weird take on H&M, which had just opened its first location in midtown at that point, but unless H&M was secretly selling Freezy Freaky gloves and see-through plastic mod raincoats for children, the two stores didn’t have much in common). The place had that weird vintage-y, plastic smell of dust and BO, and was crammed with merchandise along all the walls, on tables, and even from clotheslines across the room. There were strange lofted areas up skinny staircases that you’d have to turn around or wait for your turn on if someone was coming the other way. While everything they carried was rare and cool, it was also, being deadstock, only available in strange sizes and often with a small defect, which is what kept it in a warehouse for 30 years in the first place. I can still smell the place when I think about it, and I miss having a go-to source for Freezy Freaky gloves. Unless, of course, I just imagined the whole thing, and if I did, please let me know.

Did I dream this? *