By Sarah Bennett

I have loved Prince for so many years, but I have started paying attention to what he says only recently. Maybe I spent those decades distracted by his Purple Rain-era pompa-curl (Jheri curl/pompadour hybrid, i.e., the Morris-Soul Glo, if Morrissey used Soul Glo), or his phallic shadow puppet show at the Super Bowl, or how witnessing Jehovah came into the picture. Either way, when I started paying attention to his lyrics, they didn’t just sound bananas, but strangely familiar. Was Prince the precursor to TV’s Dowager Countess? Is the real Crowley estate actually paisley and a park? Were Prince’s lyrics actually lines from Downton Abbey? You be the judge.

1. “Touch if you will, my stomach-- feel how it trembles inside...”
2. “Because I've seen you naked, and held you in my arms.
3. “I don't want to fall out with Papa, but I don't want to be invisible, either. I've had enough of it.”
4. “Communism is just a word.”
5. "Love if you’re there come save me from all this cold despair...but I'll surely die if you're not there.”
6. "Can I kiss you? I need to, very much.”
7. "The rain sounds so cool when it hits the barn roof, and the horses wonder who you are.”
8. "I don't care if we spend the night at your mansion, I don't care if we spend the night on the town.”
9. "I do not wish to take a tour of your revolting world."
10. "He's seen a diamond and chosen glass.”
11. “I can feel your ice is thinning, like a frozen pond in spring.”
12. "Maybe I'll die young like heroes die.”
13. “I should think he fancies a night walk in the pouring rain without a coat.”
14. "When I lie awake in my boudoir I think of you, dear.”
15. “You've had your way with me. I only hope you don't come to regret it.”
16. “Now I've been waiting such a bloody long time just to get this close to you.”
17. “You've lived your life, and I've lived mine. Now it's time we live them together.”
18. “I'm physically attracted to you.”
19. “They do say there's a wild man inside all of us.”
20. “These days a working lady must have a skill.”