By Sarah Bennett

Roxxxy Andrews seems beyond bronzed.

If you've been watching this season of RuPaul's Drag Race, you know that A) it is the fishiest season in Drag Race history, B) that "fishy" doesn't mean “suspect” in Draganese, and C) Roxxxy Andrews, one of the last seven contestants on the show, is known for her extra-sassy mouth, giant fake drag-boobs, and wearing a wig under a wig for show-stopping effect. What puzzles me about Roxxxy, however, is that, when interviewed out of drag, he looks Caucasian; he could be Italian-American since he has the face and thickness of a lost, gay Jersey Shore housemate ("the Penetration"?), but, to these eyes at least, his not-drag skin tone is in the beige/olive family.

When Roxxxy's in drag, however, she's so much darker that I didn't connect the he with the she at first, assuming during her first few runway walks that this was one of the Puerto Rican contestants they have every year who always look amazing, struggle with English, and respect big thighs. As the weeks have gone and Roxxxy has proven to be both a contender and beyond-abusive of bronzer, I don't get why nobody else finds it weird that Roxxxy's drag persona isn't just a different gender, but seemingly a different ethnicity.

As a man, he's only tan.

Sure, almost anything goes in drag—last year's winner/boyfriend to current contestant Alaska, Sharon Needles, walked her first runway as a bald zombie, and another current contestant, Coco Montrese, uses so much orange make-up on her black skin that she looks often looks like a glamazon Oompah Loompah—but Drag Race has traditionally frowned on racial humor. Sure, Roxxxy doesn't darken tone isn't done for laughs, but she does noticeably darken it beyond what the sun could naturally provide.

If actress Michelle Williams doing "Red face" for a fashion magazine is rightfully called out as inappropriate, then it's strange that Roxxxy's been doing "Brown body" for almost two months without a single comment. I like Roxxxy's grit, great big boobs, and cutting sense of humor, but the skin color thing is fishy, and not in the good drag sense of the word.