By Sarah Bennett

Bass has shoes that are cool and age appropriate, but beware the pairs that make you look all-ages or aged.

The pair Lena Dunham's wearing on Girls may be too Never 31.

For the Forever 31 shopper, Bass’s website is a bit of a minefield because every pair of chic-yet-age-appropriate shoes is matched by a pair that’ll make you look like a country club matron and a pair covered in hearts and patent leather that would make you look like Baby Jane from the ankles down.

Unfortunately, the source of both of the cool and kinderwhore styles is Rachel Antonoff, whose brother Jack, of the band Fun., dates Lena Dunham, who is known to wear the medium-youthful Bass loafers on Girls. I love/think I can get away with Antonoff’s floral creepers, because they’re such a great combination of a really feminine pattern with one punk’s more butch styles of footwear (which, given its competition with the combat boot, is saying something). Beware, however, her use of clear plastic, bows, and rhinestones, all of which are off limits for anyone who does not share a phone plan with their parents.

I'm hoping that when I wear these creepers they aren't so young-looking as to be creepy

On the other hand, many of the classic Bass styles are just plain cute, from their simple and braided sandals, which are low key enough to avoid looking granny-ish, to their understated Chelsea boots, the least preppy style they offer. I’ve also come to appreciate their classic shoe design in canvas and bright colors, but not in metallics, because an old foot shouldn’t be a gold foot. Somebody please embroider that for me on a pillow.

Bass might not be perfect, but if you can find the center of their stylistic Venn diagram between youth and yikes-that’s-old, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.