By Sarah Bennett

Quiksilver probably isn't the word that comes to mind when you think of a brand that's suitable for an adult human female: their logo is all over every other item in the boys' and mens' sections of big-box stores like Walmart and Target, and while they do have a line for girls, Roxy, it's skewed so young that a pair of their booty shorts is probably inappropriate for most college grads.

What most people don't know is that Quiksilver has an actual women's brand. The woman they have in mind might be living by the beach, working on her insane yoga body and running a spa, but a grown-ass-she-hippie still technically dresses like an adult. Quiksilver Women isn't big on basics, but they're ideal if you're looking for a collared shirt that's much less formal than suiting but more formal than something in the plaid cowboy family. They've always got button-downs made with interesting fabrics and fits, either with lots of darts or unusual buttons and pull-ties that make the fit adjustable and unique.

The selection may be heavy on teeny shorts, hoodies, and mini-dresses, but such is the life by the ocean, man; they also make drapey sweaters with beach blanket stripes and blouses from quasi-Baja cotton. While this might not sound like a good thing, Quiksilver Women is like Chico's for the younger set—for when you want to dress in a youthful-yet-appropriate manner, except, unlike Chico's, "youthful" means look like you're in your early 20s, not 50s, and the women they have in mind don't live in the suburbs, but high-end yurts.

Quiksilver Women pieces aren't always great for wearing to work, but they're perfect for when you want to be comfortable without looking like you don't have a job to go to.