By Kate Gavino

In art news: Another Ryan Gosling meme, this time for design snobs
And modern artists interpret classic paintings with new technology.
Just hope those artists aren't accused of pulling a Quentin Rowan.
Speaking of sad dudes, check out the literature from the Great Depression.
Though "dude" may or may not be in the new vocabulary for transsexual people.
Meanwhile, Gary Shteyngart and other authors let us sniff around their personal libraries.
And protestors work had to maintain their own libraries, open to the public, of course.
Who will surely be happy to know that sales for locally-grown food are booming.
Which is further proof that us writers have chosen the wrong day job.
Then again, obstacles, whether purposeful or not, have always helped writing ideas flourish.
Just try your best not to make one of them a near-death experience.
How about listening to music instead, and while you're at it, exploring its history?
Or you can always turn to YouTube and watch some inspired infomercial parodies.