"/> Infamous Store Cats: Scuzzball & Creeper from Bleecker Street Records — The Airship
By Freddie Moore

 (Credit: All photographs by author)

Scuzzball and Creeper are the brother and sister cats of Bleecker Street Records. They are gray, fat and probably too cool to consider hanging out with you. As manager Rob Lecuyer puts it, "They’re only friendly, like really friendly when we open up the store, and then the rest is for show. They’re like divas."

Cardboard boxes around the store used as scratch posts — another one of the cats' failed attempts to sabotage the music industry.

"I really don’t think they like music," says Rob; the scratched up cardboard boxes of vinyl records around the store illustrate his point.

"They’re friendliest when they’re eating and when there’s hardly anyone in the store," says Rob. "And the only time I’ve ever heard the big one, the bigger of the two, Scuzzball, purr — ever — was when there was no one around. It’s like a secret."

Scuzzball’s younger sister, Creeper, is the friendlier of the two. It’s more likely that you’ll catch Creeper roaming the store, content with any affection customers show her — but she’s only sociable to a degree. For either of the cats, once they’ve lost interest, "they’ll push you aside," Rob explains.

Clearly, these cats are just too cool for most people. Their stone-cold attitudes may be a put-on, though, considering they haven’t had it easy. As kittens, the Bleecker Street cats were dropped off at the store after their previous owner started going through chemo and couldn’t take care of them anymore.

The main concern of these two felines now is what will happen if Bleecker Street Records is forced to relocate or, worse yet, close its doors for good. Their new landlord plans to hike the rent up to $27,000 a month. Still, we’re hoping these cats keep their cool and that Bleecker Street Records lives on no matter where they may be.