By Brian Fee

I willingly do not own a television, but when I visit my family I tend to gorge myself on it. Last Thanksgiving, I watched eight episodes from Season 6 ofKeeping Up with the Kardashians, and somewhere in that miasma of SoCal socialite bliss—episode 3's synopsis: “Kim takes action to prove that her butt is real”—I got to know Kardashian half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Beyond their reality TV stint, they've modeled, hosted red carpet events, designed nail lacquers, and contributed to Seventeen. Now E! News has revealed the next logical step: the Jenner sibs are writing a young-adult sci-fi novel set 200 years in the future. As you do.

Khloé, Kim, and Kourtney already penned a novel, Dollhouse, but you couldn't get me to “read” it if you hooked me to a single-malt intravenous and had Gary Oldman perched over my shoulder, reciting their prose dramatically (or Gilbert Gottfried, for that matter). But my inner-dork is intrigued by the Jenner sisters' premise. According to their publisher, who also put out Kris Jenner's ...And All Things Kardashian, “the story will take place in a world none of us have ever seen and it will follow two sisters on a journey filled with terror, mystery, drama and love.”

Just think of the century-specific technology envisioned by these young minds! I'm secretly hoping they take inspiration from Luc Besson's The Fifth Element (also set in the 23rd Century) and feature flying Range Rovers.

But seriously now. The publishers call it “dystopian,” which pretty much screams "Hunger Games ripoff"—a charge leveled at young author Veronica Roth's Divergent. Those questioning how the Jenners could fathom a concept like “dystopia” need only watch the harrowingKardashians episode “The Have and Have Nots,” where Dad makes Kendall and Kylie visit a downtown LA children's shelter. Severely limited "real life experience," true, but maybe they can build on it in their novel. OK, I'm taking a huge leap of faith here. 

And they're still teenagers! Their project comes with a cowriter, Maya Sloan (whose own debut YA novel High Before Homeroom has its own book trailer!), but trust in Kris to pull the Overbearing Mom routine to ensure her daughters' voices come through clearly. Plus, their “Fashion Journal” column debuted in the June/July issue of Seventeen. It's a collage ofphotos and quotes, but if the girls can concentrate percolating ideas into chapters (cue cowriter Sloan), they just might create something memorable—and atypically Kardashian.

Image: Kendall and Kylie Jenner via JustJaredJr. + Blade Runner scene viainCrysis, photo-chopped by the author