By Kate Gavino

Despite the main characters' unrealistic leg lengths, Sailor Moon  was an incredibly empowering anime for young girls. You had a group of teens fighting for justice, advocating friendship, and being surprisingly progressive about sex. The only thing working against them (besides the Negaverse)? The fashion. True, it doesn't matter what you're wearing, as long as you can still dropkick your possessed driving instructor, but those sailor outfits are dated. (Cute -- but dated.) It's time for a change, and since Spring Fashion Week has just wrapped up, we decided to look to the latest runway confections for inspiration.


Sailor Moon // Marchesa Spring 2013

One of the most brilliant (and convoluted) plot lines is that Sailor Moon must save the world in order to protect her future self, Princess Serenity (but she often travels to the future and actually speak s to her future self, thus creating a rift in the space-time continuum?). Anyway, Marchesa is timeless enough to look good in both the present and the future.


Sailor Mercury // John Galliano Spring 2013 

Sailor Mercury is the brain of the group, and she tends to get shafted when it comes to superpowers. A powerful stream of bubbles and a high-tech computer? Yawn. Even her element (water) was usurped by a much cooler Sailor Scout (Uranus). She deserves a little more edge, hence the Galliano. 


Sailor Mars // Giambattista Valli Spring 2013

I think we can all agree that Mars is the best Sailor Scout. The heels, the hair, the attitude, the fire : it all adds up to a Sailor Scout who makes the others look slightly lacking. Thus, she deserves a costume that is equally as bad ass and continues the tradition of Sailor Scouts looking like they've misplaced their pants.


Sailor Jupiter // Michael Kors Spring 2013

Sailor Jupiter doesn't need superpowers because she has the brute strength of a wolverine. It makes sense that she'd need something practical. She's also a bit of a lunkhead, so she'd probably make the mistake of making things too matchy-matchy. You can't say anything though. She's repping the largest planet in the universe, after all.


Sailor Venus // Stella McCartney Spring 2013

In One Hundred Years of Solitude , there's a character named Remedios the Beauty who   's looks are so breathtaking, she goes around in a burlap sack in a vain attempt to downplay her babe-ness. It doesn't work, of course, but the effort is still there. I'd like to think Sailor Venus would take the same approach.


Sailor Neptune // Rodarte Spring 2013 

Sailor Neptune is so serious and put together, she doesn't have time for casual dresses. She would  show up to the battle for the fate of the universe in a ballgown. But all we can do is bow down because she's an Outer Sensei, and they're weird as hell. And yet, we're jealous of them anyway. 


Sailor Uranus // Nina Ricci Spring 2013

Sailor Uranus: the character that spurned a million gender-study research papers and the reason her season was so heavily edited in the US. She is the Tilda Swinton of the group, mystifying and enthralling people at the same time. She'd wear this dress and own it but look just as good in a tuxedo.


Sailor Saturn // Chanel Spring 2013

Saturn is younger than the rest of the group, so she'd lean towards a label more innocent-looking and traditional like Chanel. But get on her bad side, and you'll find out the reason she carries a machete. We'd like to think these glorified pajamas get that point across well.


Sailor Pluto // John Galliano Spring 2013

Pluto is a bad-ass, but you have to admit, she has the most boring jobs in the universe (literally). She's the guardian of time and pretty much sits at the end of the galaxy, waiting around for someone to show up every couple of millennia. She probably takes plenty of naps, so this Galliano hat would make the perfect eye mask.


Tuxedo Mask // Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013 

Tuxedo Mask was one of the most useless characters on the show, so it would make sense that he'd fight crime in a tuxedo . Aside from providing sexual tension, his only other purpose was to rattle off some vague advice and wave his cape around. Let's hope he can do this just as well in Gaultier.

Credit: InStyle