"/> New York Times Review of "Maverick Jetpants" = Condor Wrap in Diamond Sauce — The Airship
By James Rickman

Just days before we all cranked up Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" and boozed our way into 2013, the New York Times ran a glowing review of our latest title, Maverick Jetpants in the City of Quality. Having quoted a few of its choice turns of phrase (this is a book with fifty original synonyms for sex, after all), the reviewer concludes that...

Writing like this hoists Maverick Jetpants in the City of Quality above the level of most first novels and confirms — along with the ending’s faint echo of that greatest of coming-of-age narratives, Huckleberry Finn — that Bill Peters belongs in the ranks of serious literary artists.

Well, shit. A perfect end to a hell of a year — a year in which Jetpants rocketed through book festivals on both coasts, Louise: Amended made Publishers Weekly's nonfiction top 20, and the BB editorial team laid the groundwork for some thrilling releases in 2013.

So thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

Thumbnail image: J.K. Putnam / jkputnamphotography.com