By Sarah Bennett

Kickin' ass, Canada-style.

Our planet is currently in the final throes of the 4th World Baseball Classic, the tri-annual international baseball competition and the only one that can truly put the word "world" in its name (unless you consider the world to be the US and Ontario, in which case, rock on with your "World Series" self). The WBC gets such good TV ratings in Japan that its Japanese popularity alone is enough to justify its existence, especially since most American players seem to resent the fact that it both interferes with and extends spring training and puts them at risk for injury. As such, the teams have more minor leaguers than big names, so Americans don't follow the competition as much as other countries do, which is why you probably don't know that Team Canada got into a huge, bloody, bench-clearing brawl with Team Mexico a couple of weeks ago. And if that isn't shocking enough, Canada won.

Evidently, the fight came down to a misunderstanding of rules; the Mexican players were pissed that the Canadians were making them look bad by needlessly running up the score, but the runs weren't needless since placement in the tournament can come down to run differential. And if that all reads like "numbers sports blah blah math bullshit," just know that A) Canada made the macho* Mexicans mad by doing too well, then B) didn't just back away saying "surry" and actually fought back with fisticuffs, before C) kicking ass and winning the game. Even if most Canadians won't admit it (or, like most Americans, don't care enough to know it happened), it was a proud day.

* = I don't mean to insult Mexicans or their culture with the "macho" nonsense, I'm really just referring specifically to crazy Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves, who's been known in the past for his tantrums and posturing, and is now known for getting fully punched in the face by a Canuck. Heh. Eh?