By Sarah Bennett

Every word on every shirt matters. Help us decipher this last round of Arrested Development visual jokes. 

There were many, many visual jokes in season 4. Most of them were caught here, but other set-ups were spotted without a clear punchline. Any of these ring a bell to anyone?

From Episode 15, the skins and skins football game.

Who is this random woman sex offender? Is it just a throw-away joke or someone specific?

From Episode 7-- Underwho?

What do Gob’s underpants say? It’s a word on underpants, so it’s going to be hilarious, and I need to know what it is. Bjorn Borg? Why would Gob wear the underpants of John McEnroe's rival?

Who is this guy spinning the sign in the background? Is this just a joke about what happens at open houses? Because the trucks that go by a second later are also mysterious, and seem to be related. [Solved! The sign says "Carr Funeral," so it is an open house joke, but the trucks are mail trucks going to the funeral of Pete the mailman (RIP).]

Gob's mystery shirt, from Episode 15.

A shirt for the old HBO show/mystery series The Number Ladies’ Detective Agency? Is this a pointed reference or just Will Arnett’s laundry day?

Showstealer Pro (eventually the trial version runs out, and at the trial, Michael does not pretend to be the lawyer). 

This is either an old reference I’m not remembering or just a running joke, but it’s not like AD to repeat a joke this many times with no follow-through/greater meaning. I thought for a while it was going to play into Fakeblock somehow, but no.