By Sarah Bennett

Rob Thomas, the creator of the late/strangely culturally omnipresent Veronica Mars started a Kickstarter campaign last week, hoping to raise two million dollars in order to make a Veronica Mars movie, and as you probably already know (or don't know but don't care enough about to read about in detail), it took about 11 hours for him to do just that. Dorks like me donated in droves, some to the tune of thousands of dollars, and the movie will be out next summer, good guys win, etc.

At this point, there's much speculation about why this worked, which show will rise from the dead next, and who exactly had five figures lying around to donate to Veronica Mars, but all I'm wondering is when the Browncoats, a.k.a. fans of Joss Whedon's classic/prematurely cancelled Sci Fi series, are going to strike. Sure, they already got a film spun-off of the show, Serenity, but when former-Firefly/current-Castle star Nathan Fillion joked in an interview that he wished he'd win the lottery so he'd have enough to make more Firefly episodes, a Facebook campaign rose up moments later to raise the money to make that happen.

The Browncoats backed off just as quickly when Whedon asked them to stop, but with Veronica Mars' success and the undying need among Browncoats, even ten years after the show's cancellation, for more Firefly episodes (or material in general), the temptation to go rogue and start a "Firefly season 2" campaign, even without any official involvement might be too great.

Bringing a series back to television for another season is, of course, way more complicated and expensive than just bringing it back for a one-off movie, and while Arrested Development somehow made it happen, finding a stair car is a lot cheaper than rebuilding a spaceship set and creating all the effects to make it look like it's in space. For his part, Joss Whedon has never said never about more Firefly, but now that he's got an entire buffet-full of Avengers projects to deal with, he's made it clear it's not a priority.

That I, the lowest level Browncoat, am even thinking through the notion means that somewhere out there in the depths of the internet, the die hard types who wear handmade costumes to cons and write Buffy/Firefly crossover fanfic have to be cooking up something. Sure, a Firefly season 2 kickstarter would be ridiculous, but if there's even the possibility that it's enough to kick start Whedon into considering the idea, then Veronica Mars is only the beginning.