By Arvind Dilawar

The first ever White House website

Through an extensive digital archeological expedition, we here at The Airship have uncovered the very first White House website. Built by the Clinton administration in the heady days of 1994, when 56K was a godsend and America Online was still relevant, this debut White House website has been preserved in all its former clipart-and-rainbow-line-break glory by the Clinton Presidential Library. Today, we’re sharing it with you, America, so you can see just how far you’ve come on the internet superhighway.

But like any archeological site in ongoing excavation, the first White House website is a delicate quagmire of artifacts (18-second MPG montages) and dead ends (broken links), so allows us to give you a guided tour of what was presumably the U.S. government’s first official online presence.

Click images to enlarge:

That’s as far as we here at The Airship have been able to explore, but we encourage you, America, to continue this adventure. This Fourth of July, embrace the history of this great nation by navigating the hyperlinks and crude HTML formatting of the first White House website. And share your own finds with us on Facebook and Twitter. (It’d be unpatriotic not to.)

God Bless ‘Merica, and God Bless the Internet.