By BBP Intern
kesha ee.jpg

Once more, we sent our intern Gena LeBlanc out into the world with only a clipboard and pen to confront the people of this fine city on their literary, and this week musical, repertoire of knowledge.  Specifically whether they can tell the difference between a line of one of the foremost voices of American poetry, e.e. cummings and America's sometimes sweetheart, always wild-child, Ke$ha. The two might just have more in common than you think. Care to test your knowledge? Give it a shot and see how you compare.

use your finger to stir my tea / and for dessert i'll suck your teeth / be too sweet and you'll be a goner *
there are so many tictoc / clocks everywhere telling people / what toctic time it is *
something in your kiss, / made my body electric, / you set me free. *
it was cold outside / the whiskey rocks / how you caught my eye / my red lips painted *
i love you because / when you're hard up you pawn your / intelligence to buy a drink *