By Kate Gavino

Note to David Foster Wallace fans: do not blast AC/DC if you don't want to offend your idol.

Though if you're a dude, you may want to trade in the AC/DC for something that won't stir any violent tendencies.

If you need to relax, make like Cormac McCarthy and go into science copy-editing.

You may even end up like Woody Allen and be nomimated for a Nebula Award, quite an honor in science fiction.

But nothing is as sci-fi as the thought of computer-generated stories replacing real-life writers.

Or is the thought of writers replacing fashion designers even more scarier?

Whatever you end up doing, don't be afraid to go bankrupt. It'll probably result in a good idea for a novel.

But if you're not that extreme, you could just use Kickstarter as a publisher instead.

Who knows? You may even have the honor of having your junior high diaries archived in the Ransom Center one day.

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