By Kate Gavino

Will you participate in the March Madness that is the Tournament of Books?

You could even ask your best brogrammers to help you trick out your bracket.

Just don't underestimate the power of erotic housewife novels, especially if they're Twilight-centric.

Then again, erotic sci-fi is also giving it a run for its money.

Whatever erotica strikes your fancy, you can bet that the Brooklyn Public library will print it out on demand.

But make sure you're reading those books at the same rate you're churning them out.

And if you're writing rather than reading, make sure you're citing your Tweets in MLA format.

In fact, make sure your entire online curatorial style is completely up to date.

Then test it out by trying to spot all the references in this insanely intricate Cartier commerical.

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