By Kate Gavino

What with Daisey and D'Agata in the news, do you think the truth is malleable?

David Sedaris seems to agree, though his stint as a Christmas elf seems to be mostly true.

Meanwhile, Toni Morrison finds the truth boring, which is why she is cancelling her memoir.

Maybe Philip Roth can attest to the same thing as he reaches his 80th birthday.

Though Lee Gutkind would pipe in that the truth is important no matter what.

And even more important, possibly, is saving some words from extinction.

Perhaps the punks could turn their political attention to linguistics as well.

Or maybe even Blade Runner could do some literary saving-the-world.

Though it would be interesting what Stalin would have to say, or perhaps his iTunes.

But that's in the past -- and maybe in the past, everything --including the books people read-- was better.

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