By Kate Gavino

Apparently all men have a required reading list, and it doesn't seem to include much female writers.

Which supports the case for pseudonyms, though J.K. Rowling seems to have done alright for herself.

If this Warner Herzog note to his cleaning lady had been real, then he'd probably need to find a pseudonym as well.

Though that note isn't something you'd want to re-read, there are plenty of books that people just keep coming back to.

Perhaps they are particularly influential books that were read to them by their geeky parents.

Such parental acts are important, considering that we may be facing a Ray Bradbury-ian future ahead of us.

And looking back at some of the trends of the 90's, that may not be such a bad thing.

Though an entire generation can't be summed up so easily, unlike some of these classic genres.

But if you ask the Pulitzer prize committee to do it, they'd probably just keep putting off until the last minute.

Illustration by Maximilian Bode.