By Kate Gavino

Did you survive the tote bag frenzy that was BEA 2012?

Maybe take a breather and eat a mango if your nerves are still on edge.

And leave it to Oprah to make all your book selections from now on.

Though, if you ask Zadie Smith, she still holds complete faith in libraries.

Just try to avoid Amazon if you're not trustful of corporate behemoths.

But if you're not, just make sure you don't Nook a flame you can't put out.

You may end up with something worthy of the scariest post-apocalypse novel.

Which may come about from a war between the grammar gods.

Though the end already seems near for the Israeli publishing world.

Let's hope someone takes advantage of all of this drama and makes a good graphic novel out of it.

Image source: The Trustees of the British Museum