By Kate Gavino

Like brains but not a zombie? Check out this beauiful, eloquent essay by Black Balloon's founder on the science of brains and writing.

After all, even the military is using neoroscience, so you better start brushing up on it.

Besides, what would Encyclopedia Brown have been without his all-knowing noggin helping him on the case?

It would also be intriguing to visit the brains of Jay-Z and Mary Karr, two artist deliving into artforms they're not known for.

But while you're focusing on your brian, keep an eye on your money, lest you end up like Mavis Gallant and her sketchy lit agent.

As if it wasn't bad enough that writing literary fiction isn't known for bringing home the big bucks.

So in the mean time, just lock yourself up in a room at the Paris Ritz and start pecking away at that novel.

Image source: Evan "Doc" Shaner