By Kate Gavino

Tom McCarthy gives us a tour of his surprisingly organized computer desktop

While Keith Gessen gives you a tour of a holding cell in Tombs Prison

And Nigerian novelist, Chris Abani, also has his own prison story

Such an experience would make for "stunning" book flap copy

Something the top 10 books of the decade should know a thing or two about

Perhaps some of those authors will have the honor of their own Google doodle

Or even better, a 200th birthday party at the Morgan Library, a la Charles Dickens

One group of writers that have a hard time being recognized: doctors (due to crappy penmanship)

Meanwhile, there's a new manifesto in honor of the end of manifestos

There should also be one for the centuries-old marriage of literature and beer

And if that leaves you a bit tipsy, use this map to guide you back to your favorite authors

Just make sure to follow the not-so-clear artwork of airplane safety directions

Or better yet, just stay home and think up a fantasy literary cookbook

Photo: The Chemist and Druggist 15 June 1874