By Kate Gavino

Did you know octopi are some of the smartest sea creatures?

Perhaps they could even master a correct granny knot.

Though I doubt even they would know how to adapt Faulker for television.

Well, if a Faulkner sitcom fails, there's always a poetic sonogram instead.

Since Beckett's written for the screen before, he could probably be of assistance.

Meanwhile, could this be the last of the Rose Reading Room at the New York Public Library?

Maybe they just need a few secret doors to keep things interesting.

It would make for a good bomb shelter for all those failed book bloggers.

Who would have plenty to occupy themselves with, what with all these fancy e-books coming out.

But how do they stack up to the best art and design books of 2011?

Denis Johnson, on the other hand, prefers poetry, particularly Donald Justice.

On a similar note, Ben Marcus talks about "trying to love and fondle" the writing process.

Let's hope Benjamin Kunkel has the same luck with his new play.

Image: Brandon Cole