By Kate Gavino

Sometimes in life, you have to give up the one you love for the sake of a Pulitzer.

But would you do the same for a PEN Literary Award?

Too bad such a decision can't be wrapped up with a happy Pixar ending.

Perhaps that's why so many people seem to be disowning their work nowadays.

On the extreme end, you could just give up writing all together and join the Amish.

But first, you'll want to pawn all those priceless first editions you've been hoarding.

And if you happen to have a pair of those new-fangled prism reading glasses, you might want to keep them.

After all, you know how these twentysomethings love nostalgia of not-so-bygone ephemera.

You know what? Just suck it up and act your own age, or at the very least, your pop culture age.

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