By BBP Intern
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Two different worlds, two different eras, two different mediums, but two similar families. The Bennets, from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and the Starks, from A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin and the HBO television series, somehow manage to be each others foil. While the Bennet family is largely concerned with finding husbands and the Stark family is busy with a hell of a lot of different things, the individual characters share a lot of striking character traits. If the two stories had taken place in the same world these two families could have made for an interesting set of cousins. Here's a look at how their personalities intersect.


Eddard Stark and Mr. Bennet // The Clueless Dad

Both Mr. Bennet and Eddard Stark serve as patriarchal heads of their households who are very smart, but in other ways quite stupid. Despite his intelligence Mr. B manages to get himself hitched to a rather foolish and chatty woman who is, despite her best intentions, ill-matched for him.  And as for Mr. Eddard Stark, as smart as he is in regards to figuring out plans he is really stupid when it comes to executing his own. In short, these fathers both walk around with a permanent duh doy face.


Catelyn Stark and Mrs. Bennet // The Overly Active Mom

Despite diverging personalities, both of these mothers keep a steely eye on the marriage prospects of their children. While Mrs. Bennet is a bit a gossipy and rather shallow,  Catelyn does her duties as a wife, but also busies herself with matters outside her children's marital affairs.  In their own way each of them is too overly involved: Mrs. Bennet when it comes to marrying off her girls, and Catelyn when it comes to, well, helping her children take over kingdoms.


Robb Stark and Jane Bennet // The Oldest and Wisest Child

Jane and Robb are both the oldest and, for the most part, the most level-headed and well-liked of the children in their respective families. In fact, Robb is so well-liked that he is named King of the North by the masses. Though rather similar in character their fatal flaws are quite different. Jane tends to be too forgiving and idealistic, whereas Robb has a bit of a temper problem and is rather impulsive. And while both are quick to enter marriage, they did so under opposite conditions. Jane married up to the rich Mr. Bingley, while Robb impulsively eloped (much like Lydia Bennet) and married down to Talisa Maegyr, a noble woman; not a princess.


Arya Stark and Elizabeth Bennet // The Independent Heroine

While both these women are living in patriarchal societies they manage to buck strict gender norms. Both are a bit tomboyish and ill mannered compared to other women of their times, and Arya goes so far as to disguise herself as a boy for a while and take up sword fighting and archery.  Elizabeth is stuck in a more stereotypical position, but she is uncharacteristically quick to speak her mind even when it means disagreeing with a potential suitor. Both of these characters make for strong heroines and even stronger witticisms, so it's no surprise the plot often gravitates around them.


Jon Snow (and Bran Stark) and Mary Bennet //  The Black Sheep

Mary is the nerdiest and most introverted of her sisters and arguably the least fair of the five. She'd get along with fellow blacksheep, Jon Snow of the Stark household. Though he's raised by Catelyn with the other Stark children he is the bastard son of Eddard, and as such an outsider.  He ends up severing ties with his family in order to lead a solitary and isolated life, similar to the one Mary lives.  

Mary could also be likened to Bran Stark. Even before Bran becomes crippled he seems to be lacking in stereotypical skills for a boy his age. However, once he's paralyzed he's seen as strange and at times, a burden. Because of his injury he is treated differently than the rest of his siblings, like Mary is for her studious behavior. However, Bran is actually quite smart for a boy his age, again similar to Mary.


Ricknon Stark and Kitty Bennet // The Forgotten One

Kitty and Ricknon have very little personality of their own. Instead these two just follow in the shadow of other siblings. Kitty latches onto her younger and bolder sister, Lydia, while Ricknon attaches himself to his older crippled brother, Bran. To date, neither have done anything that's really worth mentioning, but they do hint at promise.


Sansa Stark and Lydia Bennet // The Whiny Brat

Lydia and Sansa are perhaps the two most stereotypically feminine and boy crazy members of their families. Both come off as being selfish, bratty and dependent on men (namely potential husbands). While Lydia flirts and obsesses over officers, like Wickham who she eventually elopes with, Sansa is betrothed to the douche of a king, Joffrey. Sansa does her best to be please him regardless of the consequences it has on her family, similar to the way Lydia runs off with Wickham without any thought of how it would affect her family.  While their siblings fight against stereotypes and seem to grow as characters, these two seem more concerned with their own self interests.


Written by Rebecca Hoffman