By Sarah Bennett

WMUR is the only local news station in the state of New Hampshire, and if you're wondering how much interesting news NH has on a regular basis (or really ever, except during election years), then you have yet to experience the pleasure of small-town news, let alone from a place as amazing and odd as the Granite State. WMUR was the first major news outlet to pick up on the effort in Mont Vernon, NH, to rename Jew Pond, or the little boy who was reported missing twice in one week in Hempstead, but after $15,000 in searching costs, was found under a neighbor's bed and then in a tree.

When so much of the news you read in the city is so grim, from the national budget to the endless spate of hit and runs across all five boroughs, it's nice to check in with the WMUR app to see exactly how much it snowed New London, and if they caught the guy in Manchester who was shooting cars with a BB gun.