By Anjuli Kolb

M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls" video, directed by Romain Gavras, is wildly, seductively, offensively, charmingly, incoherently citational. But what is it quoting? Last week M.I.A. answered some questions from Youtube commenters about shiny trousers, drag racing, and fabrication. How do you get a see-through car? You have it made in India. What do you say when they tell you it'll take five months to ship? "I could take a hundred Indians and make it from scratch."

Here are fifteen presumed sources for the video: some probable (Rick Ross), some possible (Sex and the City in Abu Dhabi), some unendurable (Gaddafi's virgin bodyguards).

"Bad Girls"

1. Saudi Arabia Crazy Motorway Drivers

2. Ghostride the Whip 

3. Roll Yo Voges, Oakland Sideshows

4. Rebel Without a Cause 

5. Indiana Jones Desert Race

6. Libya Oil Fields on Fire

7. Sex and the City Abu Dhabi

8. Rick Ross Live Fast Die Young

9. The Bangles Walk Like an Egyptian

10. Muammar Gaddafi Parade

11. Need for Madness Video Game

12. Busta Rhymes Arab Money

13. Jibbs Chain Hang Low

(14. Wham! Bad Boys [WISHFUL THINKING])

M.I.A. responds to Youtube commenters

Thanks to Michael Ralph and Yates McKee for recent conversations about Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, and Libya.