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(Credit: Photo by Flickr user Michael Carian; used with a Creative Commons license)

If you’re a college student who is obsessed with literature, pop culture and New York City’s strange subcultures, then we’d love for you to join the Black Balloon Publishing team! We are currently looking for spring interns to work with our editorial department from late January to May 2014. The ideal applicant will have a strong work ethic and academic record; a demonstrated interest in the publishing industry; previous internship experience in book, magazine or web publishing; and strong recommendations from faculty members and previous supervisors.

This is an unpaid position for school credit only. Candidates must be enrolled full time in college as undergraduates for the Spring 2014 semester and be able to receive credit for the internship.

Intern responsibilities include reading submissions, drafting copy for social media channels, pitching ideas, doing extensive research and writing posts for The Airship, generating marketing copy and assisting staff members in the execution of marketing, media and author events.

Please send a resume and cover letter (both as PDFs) detailing your previous experiences in publishing and applicable skills to Freddie Moore at

Black Balloon Publishing is an independent press headquartered in New York, NY, with both print and digital distribution channels. We've published literary fiction, nonfiction and memoir, and we're willing to grow our reach in any direction that suits: Our books evolve, rotate, get mapped onto cities and light up your screen. We champion the weird, the unwieldy and the unclassifiable.

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