By Michelle King

(Credit: Image from Flickr user japharl; used with Creative Commons license)

Oh Thanksgiving, how we love your football and your cranberry sauce. How we adore the way you cancel work for us and fill our refrigerator with leftovers. And yet, you also bring us stress: crowded airports, small talk with cousins who might as well be strangers and, let’s be honest, perhaps too many leftovers. I mean, really, Thanksgiving, how many turkey sandwiches can one person eat?

These quotes from 10 great writers cover all the bases, articulating the stressful, strange and lovely aspects of Thanksgiving. What better way to say happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at The Airship and Black Balloon Publishing to you all?

1. Oscar Wilde on Food Comas

2. Ayn Rand — as Always — on the Superiority of Capitalism

3. O. Henry on Ignoring Canadians

4. Ambrose Bierce on Turkey

5. Erma Bombeck on Food and Football

6. Alistair Cooke on Cranberry Sauce Fetishism

7. P. J. O’Rourke on Hating Your Family

8. Augusten Burroughs on Being Unnecessarily Bitter

9. Sherman Alexie on Sad Irony

10. E. P. Powell on Not Being a Dick

Michelle King grew up in South Florida and now lives in Brooklyn. Her contributions have appeared on BULLETT, Refinery29, xoJane and The Huffington Post. Harriet M. Welsch is still her role model and probably always will be.

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