By Freddie Moore

Sherman Alexie reading at Book Court

Recently, Sherman Alexie visited BookCourt to read from his collection of new and selected stories, Blasphemy. After the reading, Alexie took questions from the audience and I was fortunate enough to get in the last question, which transgressed into a sort of “first date” conversation. We chatted about a few of Alexie’s favorite recent films and his guilty pleasures.

Freddie Moore: What’s your favorite movie?

Sherman Alexie: What is my favorite movie?

Or a few if you can’t decide on one.

What are we, on a date? [Laughter.] [To audience member:] She’s trying to date me, Glendon! What’s your favorite — that’s a date question. What’s your name?




Oh, that’s awesome. I could date somebody named Freddie. A girl named Freddie — that’s a title of a good story. That’s like a middle reader, that’s like a chapter book club: “The Freddie Factor.” [Laughter.]

Anyway, my favorite movies. You know, I’m a fanboy. I love so much stuff, and one of the best perks about this job is that I get free stuff almost every day. Almost every day, boxes of free books and movies. Every movie that’s going to play in the next year [whispers] I’ve already seen.

My favorite movie recently: I loved Gravity as long as nobody was talking. It could have been the greatest movie ever if there was no dialogue whatsoever.

… I’ve been making so many jokes, I want to make sure this [isn’t taken that way] — 12 Years a Slave: Oh, I don’t even know how to describe it. I have never wanted leave a movie, but leave it because it was too intense. I mean, there are issues with it … but damn, scared me.

You know, depending on who asks me, I usually say something like The Bicycle Thief, like if we were on a date. In reality, it’s Aliens. [Laughter.]

You know what movie — this is really embarrassing, I can do all the choreography — Pitch Perfect. [Sings:] “Everybody look to the left, everybody look to the right.” [Changes tone:] “It’s not about the money, money, money.” I mean, it’s not a great movie, but it’s one of those things — it’s like Grease. Grease is a bad movie. It’s actually a really bad movie, but it so resonates. And Pitch Perfect just kills me. I have two movies on my iPad, and it’s Aliens and Pitch Perfect. [Laughter.] I’m not sure what that says about me.

Freddie Moore is a Brooklyn-based writer. Her full name is Winifred, and her writing has appeared in unFold, The Paris Review Daily and The Huffington Post. As a former co-president of SUNY Purchase’s Cheese Club, she’s a big-time foodie who knows her cheese.

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