By Sarah Bennett

It all begins May 25th at midnight.

As Arrested Development’s Netflix debut creeps closer, it’s become clear that A) season four would need to be covered on The Airship, in full, and B) that such coverage required a strategy. The problem, of course, is that all of the episodes are coming out at once, and the nature of those episodes is unclear; some of us had heard that each one was a different character’s take on one event in one day, like a Rasho-Motherboy, while others had read that the episodes were character-focused but less connected, but still bound by the kind of intricate moments of foreshadowing and easter eggs that the show is known for.

What we do know thanks to a lovely Netflix rep named Antoine (thanks, Antoine!) is that the show becomes available at midnight on Saturday, May 25th, and that each episode is at least thirty minutes long (as opposed to the 22 minutes most network shows end up being, minus commercials). We also know that at least two of us are going to try to watch them all starting at midnight, but by the end of the weekend, we’ll all have come together like a TV nerd Voltron to write-up all the running jokes, cameos, subtle filthy lines, etc. we can gather. We’re all down to turn our long weekend into an Arrested-fest, and we’re sure that, in doing so, we won’t feel we’ve made a huge mistake.

If you want to join us on Sunday, May 26th, we’ll be live-tweeting our delight as @airshipdaily.