By Sarah Bennett

I love baked goods (nocronut). That's what it's come to.  

I’m not saying that I am in any way responsible for the cronut-trastrophe currently going on in New York (you can see the timeline here), but ever since my croissant round-up from a few weeks back, the popularity of this croissant/donut mash-up has gotten entirely out of control. According to Eater and almost the entire Gawkernetwork, cronuts are the New Direction of baked goods; they turn otherwise normal humans into hysterical mobs who will cut a bitch for a taste. Cronuts are going for $40 a pop on craiglist, and, as Dominique Ansel himself noted on Twitter, have caused irate patrons to flip-off his staff and burst into tears upon hearing the cronuts were gone.

C'mon, does the pink icing really make it that much more exciting than the bakery's usual/delicious


I’d just like to take this opportunity to reiterate that there are plenty of other delicious croissants out there that don’t require waiting in line for three hours, and that, at the same bakery, they make the DKA, which is just as fatty and tasty as the cronut, but without the ganache or the whole in the middle (which should make up for all those lost calories the hole takes away). Also, in terms of Dunkin’ Donuts entree into the game—the “donutegg” sandwich—a reminder that Paula Deen has already put a burger on a donut, and that the remix of that moment is one of the finest videos Youtube has to offer.

Long story short, The Dominique Ansel Bakery makes many fine, sugary treats, but the cronut isn’t their best, nor is it likely to even be the best donut, croissant, or hybrid around. Providing us bloggers with content, while a kindness, is not enough of a justification for the cronut craze.