​Lisa Pulitzer receives credit for her work and her pooch.

"/> Correction: Lisa Pulitzer Is Scito Co-Author, Owner Of Awesome Dog — The Airship
By Sarah Bennett

Lisa Pulitzer receives credit for her work and her pooch.

I would like to make two corrections to They Blinded Me With Scito, the round-up of recent Scientology exposés I wrote a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I did not give proper credit to Lisa Pulitzer as co-author, with Jenna Miscaviage Hill, of Hill's autobiography, Beyond Belief, about both Hill's life in and escape from the church. I also did not mention the fact that Ms. Pulitzer's dog is completely adorable, because I did not know she had a dog, let alone a Muppet-y looking mini-poodletron, until she was profiled in The New York Times last week. Because Ms. Pulitzer did excellent work on Ms. Hill's book, and because I want to give her dog the ear scratch of its short, crazy-cute life, I regret the error.

Photo Credit: Uli Seit for The New York Times