By Sarah Bennett

FX has both The Beast and the best voice over actors around.

Between Archer, Louie, and Justified, I spend a lot of time watching shows on FX that contain the occasional butt cheek and every possible variation of the word "shit." As such, I have to sit through a lot of the network's viewer discretion warnings, and either due to the fact I actually listen to TV more than I watch it (thanks, cell phone solitaire!) or the strange Stockholm syndrome FX has put on me, I want to publicly praise the voice over actors who do those warnings for every show, because whoever these heroes are, they are not phoning it in. Each one gives a touch so specific and personal, they're like the Marlon Brandos of the modern day Paul Reveres of bare butts and the worst word for poop (i.e., "The tooshies are coming! The s-word is coming! I am a talented actor!" etc.). The guy before Louie has such a whiny tone, you can tell he's not just warning you about profanity, but ennui, while the macho-man before Sons of Anarchy has such a butch tone that his "viewer discretion advised," has an implied coda of, "YOU PUSSY." In fact, if it weren't for him, I would probably just allow myself to stop watching the show since it seems so silly and self-important to me, especially since I keep imagining it's TV's "the Beast" riding a motorcycle, but the warning makes me feel like I have something to prove. So kudos, FX voice over actors, and know that your advice is being admired.