By Sarah Bennett

Hamentashen photo credit: Flickr user garlandcannon

While there are many delicious options if you're looking for delicious, savory jewish cuisine—a matzo ball here, a pile of pastrami there, a knish in the middle—we are, as a people, lacking overall in the sweets department. I've never been a huge fan of babka or halva, and while everyone likes a nice blintz, it's no match for even the worst cupcake. That's why you have to act fast to get to Breads Bakery near Union square, the new off-shoot of the famous Israeli bakery Lehamim. Breads sells a hyped chocolate babka on a regular basis, but they're currently selling chocolate hamentashen, those triangular, usually fruit-filled cookies made for Purim, and since the holiday just ended and these cookies take like tiny, rich chocolate cakes of biblical greatness, you need to get there and eat one ASAP before they end of the holiday and my greed means they're all gone.