By Kate Gavino

If you thought Carrie Bradshaw had it bad being single in New York, it's a good thing she wasn't a teenager in Seoul. In Korea, where matching girlfriend-boyfriend shirts is considered de rigueur, being a couple is serious business. So serious, in fact, that they have a whole calender of strangely specific holidays dedicated to hetero-normative couple-dom. What started out as a trend among teenagers that was soon embraced by adults, these holidays make Valentine's Day look like child's play. As for you single folks out there: don't worry, they throw you a condescending bone every month or two. Take our quiz and see if you can guess what each odd holiday celebrates.

1. January 14: Diary Day
2. March 14: White Day
3. April 14: Black Day
4. May 14: Rose Day
5. June 14: Kiss Day
6. July 14: Silver Day
7. August 14: Green Day
8. November 14: Movie Day