By Kate Gavino

What's the perfect accessory for an adorable dress? An adorable snack. We're surprised that a collaboration between Modcloth, purveyor of cute dresses, and Pocky, the cute Japanese snack, has yet to happen. (After all, Karl Lagerfield and Magnum Ice Cream seem to get along swimmingly.) Best of all, the names of Pocky flavors and Modcloth dresses are virtually interchangeable. Don't believe us? Take this quiz, and see for yourself.

1. Brazilian Pudding
2. Strawberry Aromatier
3. Candy Shop Quartet
4. Green Tea Mousse
5. Raspberry Flummery
6. Black Bitter Marble
7. Cotton Candy Classy
8. Banana Lucky
9. Almond Crush
10. Chocolate Dip
11. Sunset Sorbet
12. Fresh Off The Vine
13. Purely White Decor
14. Hint of Mint
15. Pineapple Cream