By Sarah Bennett

The way she rocks McQueen is deadly.

Since Airship director Barbara Cleveland Bourland is currently obsessed with Murder, She Wrote, you can expect at least one major piece on the show in the future (perhaps explaining why anyone in this day and age, especially someone under 60, would intentionally watch Murder, She Wrote). Still, after hearing many attempts to explain the show's appeal ("In one episode, Jessica gets a temporary congressional appointment!"), I have to point out the cultural/fashionista validation she got last week in the form of New York Times Styles section piece about Yaz Bukey, an accessories designer who has worked for Diane Von Furstenburg and Zac Posen, who cites Murder, She Wrote as direct inspiration (it is the name of her latest collection, minus the oxford comma). As the article states, the collection includes "an enormous scarf decorated with a print of magnifying glasses and word bubbles that read as ad hoc detective-show phrases like 'These Are Serious Accusations!'" It sounds amazing, as long as no one accuses us of riding on Ms. Bukey's trend coattails.