Dear Creatures' designs are either totally charming or too cutesy-pootsey, I can't decide.

"/> On the Fashion Fence: Dear Creatures — The Airship
By Sarah Bennett

Dear Creatures' designs are either totally charming or too cutesy-pootsey, I can't decide. (Credit: Image created by author)

In an alternate universe, the lady told me I should totally check the Dear Creatures' site out. 

I don’t know how I first came across Dear Creatures, but if I was friends with Zooey Deschanel, I would say it was via her completely enthusiastic recommendation. The fact that the label’s look is easily associated with her should indicate what’s both good and bad about it. The clothes are often cute, but maybe not such a great idea for someone who wants to be taken seriously as an adult, or a non-ukulele-playing, bangs-optional human female.

The dresses have demure vintage touches, like Peter Pan collars and French-dot embroidery, all of which are very Zooey-esque. On the other hand, those qualities are often cancelled out by higher hemlines. If this dress went to the knee, it would be perfect for Easter mass — but the design choice of high hems for even higher ages doesn't mix. For your slightly taller than average American female (like me), the length of this piece would probably wear more like a tunic. Not only that, but tops like this, with their shiny fabrics, tie-necks and puff-sleeves, are ‘70s to an unnecessary extreme and only really work for anyone if you need to dress like Jane Fonda from 9 to 5.

Nice, right? But not quite long enough for a dignified (semi-tall) adult. 

Basically, as with the New Girl herself, the quirk factor is an issue. When they have it in check, like with this dress, you have something youthful and fresh that won’t make anyone over 25 look like a manic pixie dream crone. When they don’t, you have Sailor Moon. Between their cuter stuff and their general small-time ModCloth-style, I want to like these guys, but I really don’t want to look like an idiot (or have to learn how to play a tiny string instrument).