By Sarah Bennett

When a beloved show is cancelled (or is simply on hiatus), we often struggle to fill the void, sometimes for better, but more often, for worse. Here we decide whether what we're given now truly makes up for what we had then.

WHY METHADONE: Both hour-long spy dramas trick you into rooting for “the bad guys,” i.e., like on Homeland when you hope Brody doesn’t get caught (and then can’t be-fucking-lieve he’s getting away with that pacemaker shit), or when our “married” 1980-something KGB operatives on The Americans try to eavesdrop on Caspar Weinberger in his home via his maid. Kudos to The Americans though for keeping it as real as they can by name-dropping actual ‘80s political figures; now I can’t wait to see which ancient SNL cast member they dredge up to do a Ronnie Reagan imitation. Both shows have close calls, untrustworthy characters/possible moles, and sexy ladies with secrets (even in an ‘80s wardrobe).

"Never know what's going to happen/can't believe what's happening" vs. "How're they going to deal with the end of the Cold War and shirtless Putin on a horse?"

WORTHY TREATMENT?: If this show had come out after Homeland’s first season, I would’ve said not so much. That show went so far off the rails last year, however, becoming less and less credible and consistent, making The Americans a reasonable substitute, even if the characters aren’t as multidimensional and the Cold War isn’t as gripping as the War on Terror. Reagan’s domestic policies have always been way more intriguing/infuriating to me than his infatuation with the USSR, and even if this show isn’t called Morning In Americans, it’d be strange to not comment on how Reagan’s policies infiltrated this country way more deeply than the KGB. I mean, I’ve only gotten to see the first eight episodes, but if this pinko doesn’t eventually hear at least one dig at Reagan’s welfare queens or just the words “omnibus budget act,” I’m gonna get all no justice, no peace, no spy shows ‘til Homeland comes back.

APPROVED AS METHADONE (in as much as I also barely approve of Homeland’s second season)

Just sayin' though, if they're going to spin-off an all-comedy FX channel, FXX, might as re-name FX MMFX, since Margo Martindale owns that place.