By Kate Gavino

Are you familiar with any of the 12 new saints that have recently been canonized?

Their bloody martyrdoms definitely encompass many of the strange, obscure ways to die.

Perhaps death by body odor will soon be added to the list as well.

Just make sure you're not at the library at the time that's going on.

Though such an experience would make for good poetry, possibly even a mathematical one.

You could even contextualize in on a human subway map if you're feeling artistic.

Why not expand it to include Mexico City, where you'll always be able to find a good drinking hole?

You might be able to find a couple of good Halloween costume ideas while you're down there.

But if that fails, just find a snazzy suit and go as the always classy Alex Trebek.

And speaking of class, you might want to steer clear of any superfluous acronyms for the time being.

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