By Sarah Bennett

And that's also not Robert Pattinson.

My first recommendation of a young adult fantasy read that old adults can read without shame is actually the Flora Segunda trilogy, by Ysabeau S. Wilce—Flora Segunda, Flora's Dare, and Flora's Fury. The last book in the series came out last summer (or at least the last for now). It's a shame the series' future is uncertain, because the story of young Flora Segunda, a rebellious girl growing up in a military society in a world filled with evil hybrid bird-people, pirates, and spells that can get you stuck in a wall, isn't just exciting, but written in such a unique voice that you'd read a hundred pages of Wilce describing Flora taking a nap if you could, let alone taking down an evil hybrid bird-person sorcerer with or without the help of her could-be boyfriend, who's a werebear. If you don't like fantasy of any stripe, I probably lost you at the words "hybrid bird-people," but if you do and think that a grown-ass person should be reading the Wheel of Time series instead of this kids' stuff, then you are mistaken. Wilce, who I learned about through a blurb by the excellent not-young adult author Kelly Link, shares Link's gift for language and humor, and if you're more smart than snob, you'll give the series a chance.