By Sarah Bennett

This is my cousin Sasha, toddler and avid reader (or being-read-to-er). This is his review of the modern classic I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen. 

My cousin Sasha, age three-ish, lives in Brooklyn and loves to be read to (often from the same books, over and over again). He also enjoys jumping up and down, eating stewed peaches, and, since he just got a kids’ book about anatomy, “the bronchioles.” I ask him his thoughts on popular children’s books, one book at a time (since that’s all his tiny toddler attention span allows), and cobble together his insightful response.

Two of Sasha's favorite animals from the book, plus the infamous hat. Spoiler alert, the rabbit is in for it.

I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen - I like this book because it’s funny. The bear asks everyone if they stole his hat and then he says, “did you steal my hat, rabbit?,” and the rabbit says, “no, I didn’t steal anything. Don’t ask me any questions.” All the animals answer that way. It has a happy ending, because [Spoiler alert!] the bear gets his hat back. He asks all the animals but then takes the hat off the rabbit, because the rabbit had taken the hat. But then the rabbit gets his own hat. [Actually, the bear eats the rabbit, but same diff]. It’s a pretty book with nice pictures. My favorite animal in the book is the big bear. Also the rabbit. I would wear that hat. It’s nice. I have a raisin.