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Coming online for the first time last February, The Airship covered a lot of ground in 2013. From cataloging our favorite episodes of This American Life in celebration of the show’s quincentennial to inspecting the connection between the zombie apocalypse and contemporary politics to examining the tragedies of historic book burnings, we’ve discussed literature, art, culture and everything in between. Of those blog posts, these are the 13 that were read most in 2013:

13. This American Quincentennial: The 17 Best Episodes of This American Life

In honor of This American Life’s 500th episode, these are our 17 favorite shows.

12. 6 Ways to Fight Trolls Instead of Starving Them

Or how an anti-misogyny blog taught me to fight like a troll — and win.

11. Lights, Camera Static: 10 Books That Will Never be Adapted by Hollywood

Rest easy, bibliophiles: No Hollywood director will be ruining these beloved books.

10. 10 Thanksgiving Recipes from Our Favorite Authors

An entire Thanksgiving feast inspired by the writers who make us hungry.

9. The First White House Website is Still Online

Celebrate America with grainy GIFs, clipart and rainbow line-breaks courtesy of the Clinton administration and 56K.

8. 7 Deadly Sins of Literature

Why commit these sins and risk eternal damnation when you can just read about them?

7. The Political Economy of Zombies

Over the past few years, the zombie apocalypse has come to represent an alternative to neoliberalism, an ideology that admits no alternatives.

6. 10 Greatest Audiobook Narrators: An Insomniac’s Guide

For strained eyes, crowded commutes and sleepless nights, this is a round-up of 10 performers who’ve mastered the art of the audiobook.

5. 22 Out-of-Print J. D. Salinger Stories You Can Still Read Online

Get your Salinger fix and some insight into his forthcoming books with these “lost” stories.

4. Anustart: The 23 Best Props from Arrested Development Season 4

From Hal and Burton’s Goat Cream to “Shemale” T-shirts, these are the best props from a season seven years in the making.

3. 10 Philosophers Summed Up in a Single Sentence

Because it’s like, dudes, get to the point. I’ve got podcasts to listen to!

2. Cheese Reads: 10 Amazing Cheeses and Their Literary Counterparts

Cheese mongers of the literary world, unite! We’re matching famous authors with their curdy counterparts.

1. 11 Historic Books Burnings

Books have been burned all over the world, under regimes from the classical age to today. Sadly, these 11 are but a handful of instances.

Had a favorite post from The Airship that didn’t make the cut above? Tell us all about it in the comments below — and don’t worry: We’ll be back in 2014 with more great reads. Happy New Year!

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